Westminster: The New Governing Majority

The spectacular election victories of Dr. Kimberly Ho and Mayor Tri Ta to the Westminster City Council consolidated power in the hands of one person – Councilman Tyler Diep.

Long rumored to be the cause of Mayor Tri Ta’s tilt to the right on fiscal policies, Diep is known for his take-no-prisoner approach to politics.

At least that is the perception held by many people in and outside of City Hall.

What the public can expect though is a more resolute and productive City Council with a solid governing majority in Tri Ta – Tyler Diep – Kimberly Ho.

Collectively these three politicians spent nearly $300,000 in their effort to defeat council members Diana Carey and Margie Rice.

The $29,000 in direct contributions and independent expenditures that the police union spent on behalf of Carey was not enough to save her.

Here are some of the challenges that will face the new City Council next year as they are set to oversee the $12,000,000 projected revenue that will come in due to the passage of Measure SS, the 1% sales tax increase:

  • Contract negotiation with the police and municipal employees unions
  • Fix deteriorated roads and the overall cosmetic look of the city
  • Establish a long term fiscal stabilizing plan for the city budget

Is the city council going to squander or safeguard tax dollars? Is this the last of Diana Carey? Will the new city council get along with the police union? And so much more…stay tune…


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