Westminster: State Election Agency Penalizes Margie Rice and her Daughter

Margie Rice: Westminster Councilmember and Midway City Sanitary District Director

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) will fine Westminster Council Member Margie Rice and her planning commissioner / daughter Anita Rice a total sum of $3,000 for one count of “failing to disclose identifying information on a mass mailing…” and one count of “failing to timely disclose making and receiving a non-monetary contribution…

Count 1 – $2,000
The 20,000 mass mailer did not properly include the “paid for by” language as required by state laws.

Count 2 – $1,000
Since Margie Rice paid for the total cost of that mailer but it also featured another candidate – Anita Rice – that candidate needed to disclose receiving the non-monetary contribution on her financial statement. Margie also needed to disclose making the non-monetary contribution to Anita on her form 460.

Both mother and daughter failed to make such disclosures.

Both mother and daughter were unsuccessful candidates in the recent general election.

According to the FPPC, Margie Rice reported herself to the state election watchdog on the day she received her own mailer.

OC Daily first reported on this campaign violation back in October 17, 2016.


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