Westminster: Sales Tax Increase Proponents Mailed First

With at least $50,000 in its account, the Yes on SS committee sent out this 8.5 x 13 postcard mailer last week. It even arrived a few days before the first wave of absentee ballots.

Click here to read my previous post about who is financially behind Yes on SS. Since that post, Yes on SS received a late contribution of $2,500 from the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs.

My observations with this very creative mailer.

  • The word “tax” does not appear anywhere on this mailer even though it is advocating for the passage of a 1% sales tax increase.
  • Children stock pictures are used for the front and back of this mailer even though Measure SS is a tax increase question not an authorization to issue school bonds.
  • A message on the back of this mailer states, “If Measure SS fails, there will not be enough city funds to pay for citywide police…and even the quality of our drinking water could go down.” Police services will be affected if Measure SS is rejected, but it is deceiving to say that water quality could deteriorate. The Westminster water agency is an enterprise fund where consumers are already paying for both supply and operation costs.

I think this is a good piece of campaign literate. Sharply design with very convincing content. More to come…





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