Westminster: Police Union’s High Stake Game of Politics

The Westminster Police Officers Association (WPOA) was a quiet and somewhat risk-adverse union. Aside from making several financial contributions to some candidates, the rank and file police officers did not get involve directly in city council races.

That softer approach went away in late 2014 when the WPOA enlisted the service of uber-police consultant Peter Mitchell. In addition to the WPOA, Mitchell is also the political consultant to the Orange County deputy sheriffs union (AOCDS) and about a dozen or more local police unions in this county.

Politics is more dicey in Westminster now.

With more than $80,000 raised from membership dues, the WPOA has inserted itself in the “Yes on SS” campaign and city council races with these three mailers.

An 8.5 x 11 postcard mailer promoting mainly council members Sergio Contreras and Diana Carey with a small plug for Yes on SS. This mailer arrived between early to mid October.

Another 8.5 x 11 postcard mailer with a similar message. This mailer arrived between mid and late October.

Here is an 8.5 x 11 postcard mailer attacking Republican city council candidate Dr. Kimberly Ho. This mailer arrived yesterday.

Campaigning is similar to gambling. You bet big and and win/lose big.

The WPOA, under the direction of Peter Mitchell, is betting big on Contreras and Carey. However, by attacking challenger Kimberly Ho in the final days of the campaign, the police union just went “all in”.

Let’s see if the rank and file police officers will win big or lose big after November 8, 2016.

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