Westminster: OCTax Strikes Against Measure SS Again

This week the Orange County Taxpayers Association PAC (OCTax) dropped its third mailer against Measure SS, the 1% sales tax increase proposal in Westminster.

The 8.5 x 11 postcard attempts to portray a “lavish” lifestyle that government employees enjoy when they are able to collect their six figures pension check.

Will this argument resonate with voters or will the electorate buy into the “doom and gloom” scenario that the sales tax increase proponents are pushing?

City officials must be on pins and needles right now due to this level of organized opposition. While there are three cities in Orange County that are attempting to raise sales tax, OCTax is only playing in Westminster. La Palma and Fountain Valley are flying under the radar.

The Orange County Register today did issue an editorial against Measure SS. You can read it by clicking on here.

I wonder if the police union have any regret in spending $20,000 in pro-Carey/Contreras mailers when that money could be spent on the Yes on SS campaign?

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