The Ticker: Veteran Takes Helm Of Issa Campaign; Nelson Term-Limits Change Fails

Veteran campaigner Phil Paule has taken the helm as campaign manager for Rep. Darrell Issa’s re-election fight in the 49th Congressional District against Democrat challenger Doug Applegate.

Big Democratic turnout coupled with tepid Republican turnout produced abnormally close primary contests, including in CD49. Despite the strong GOP registration advantage, Issa garnered 50.8% to 45.5% for Applegate. The remaining 3.7% went to Ryan Glenn Wingo, who has no party preference.

Here’s his Facebook post announcing his new duty post:

Phil Paule is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the most talented political professionals in the state and his onboarding with the Issa campaign augurs well for victory in November.

Nelson’s Proposed Term-Limit Change Fails
Currently, the county charter limits county supervisors to two consecutive four-year terms; after sitting out an election cycle, their eligibility re-sets and former incumbents can serve again. This has happened only once, in the case of Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

Supervisor Shawn Nelson proposes changing that to allow supervisors to serve up to three terms (consecutive or not) but making those three terms a lifetime limit. It would have to go to a vote of the electorate.

Nelson agendized his proposal for July 12, but pulled it when it was clear he lacked the board votes to place it on the ballot (Supervisor Andrew Do was absent, and both Supervisors Michelle Steel and Todd Spitzer were opposed). He placed it on the July 26 agenda, but again withdrew it.

Conservative writer and activist Jon Fleischman, who also heads California Term Limits, spearheaded opposition and noted the proposal’s demise on his Facebook page:

Andrew Do Hires New Campaign Manager
1st District Supervisor Andrew Do has revamped his campaign operation after finishing nearly 4 points behind Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez in a result that shocked many campaign observers. From the Do campaign:

Do’s campaign will be led by Veteran Strategist John Thomas of Thomas Partners Strategies. As Supervisor Do’s Chief Strategist, Thomas will lead the campaign team and oversee all paid and earned campaign communications.

“I’m pleased to welcome John Thomas to the team as our Chief Strategist,” said Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do. “His steady hand will help guide our campaign as we focus on the issues that matter to middle class families.”

In his first term, Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do led the county’s response to homelessness, increased funding for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and expanded access to vital health care services for seniors and working families.

“We’ve taken major steps to tackling homelessness and improved patients’ access to quality healthcare, all while keeping public safety our highest priority in the county’s budget,” Supervisor Andrew Do said. “I promise to continue that work in a second term.”

Thomas joins Do Campaign Manager Matt Stockton and top Orange County-based polling firm Probolsky Research.

Notwithstanding the June primary results, several political veterans consulted by OC Daily believe Do will likely prevail over Martinez in November; they note that GOP turnout will increase and the Vietnamese vote will no longer be splintered (Republican Garden Grove Councilman Phat Bui spent a fortune running against Do, siphoning off 18.5% of the vote).

Jimmy Camp

Veteran Republican Operative Leaves The GOP
Jimmy Camp is one of the first people this writer met when I first dove into the world of Orange County Republican activism in 1991. I was stuffing envelopes at John Lewis for state Senate campaign headquarters when this tattooed, rockabilly-looking guy came in, turned in a completed precinct kit, grabbed another one and left.

“Who’s that?” I asked another new acquaintance, Rhonda Carmony (now Rohrabacher).

“Oh, that’s Jim Camp,” she replied. “He works for Lois Lundberg.”

During the intervening quarter-century, Jimmy has remained among my oldest and favorite friends, and it was with sad understanding that I read the e-mail he sent out last week to friends announcing his departure from the Republican Party due to the nomination of Donald Trump:

Dear Republican Friends,

I want to let you all know, with much sadness, that I have decided to leave the Republican Party. Donald Trump will accept the nomination tonight in Cleveland to be the leader of my party. There are some other factors, that I don’t need to go in to, but I cannot in good conscience remain a member of the Republican Party under the leadership of Trump.  I have worked hard over the last thirty years, my entire career, alongside many of you and I value your friendship. The party has been a huge part of my political, professional and personal life and this has been a difficult decision. There are many on this list, yet I consider it a personal email and did not want you to hear about my decision by other means.  Once again, I value your friendship and the blood sweat and tears we have shared together on noble causes over the years.

Your Friend and Colleague,


Jimmy’s departure is a real loss for the GOP. The party is not only losing tremendous talent and decades of invaluable experience, wisdom and savvy – but a professional who still carries the activist spirit and love for the Cause.

UPATED: an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Supervisor Nelson’s proposed term limit change amended the county charter. It would not: supervisor term limits are not part of the county charter, and actually adopted six years prior to Orange County becoming a charter county.


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