The Democrats’ Caravan Of Fear

Leave it to progressive Democrats to orchestrate a statewide, made-for-media event aimed at stoking fear among immigrants (both legal and illegal) while calling it a “Caravan Against Fear.”

The Caravan of Fear started in Sacramento earlier this week and has been winding its way south, arriving in Orange County today. It’s OC itinerary, according to a press release from a the progress-Left advocacy group called the Korean Resource Center:

WHEN & WHERE: Friday, April 14th
11:30PM – Rep. Mimi Walters Irvine Office (333 Michelson Dr., Irvine)
12:30PM – Lunch Rally at SEIU-USWW (1936 W Chapman Ave., Orange)
2:00PM – Delegation to Ed Royce Office (210 W Birch St., Suite 201, Brea) / Delegation to Tom Daly Office (2400 E Katella #640, Anaheim)
5:00PM – Community Cultural Event at SEIU-USWW (1936 W Chapman Ave., Orange)

*Schedule subject to change, please call for updates.

Riding the OC leg of the caravan are:

  • Julio Perez, the executive director of the Orange County Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
  • Santa Ana City Councilman Jose Solorio
  • Anaheim City Councilman Jose Moreno
  • Jung Woo Kim, Caravan Rider and KRC Membership Development Manager
  • DJ Yoon, KRC President

Readers may recall it was Perez, as a member of the Welcoming Anaheim immigration task force created by Moreno and Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, who told the task force that undocumented immigrants felt threatened by DUI checkpoints and all-but-said such checkpoints deliberately target immigrants.

Mimi Walters has been targeted by the Democrats with online attack ads and has already drawn three progressive Democrat challengers (two of whom are UCI law professors).  She and Rep. Ed Royce have both been targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), so stops there make sense from a rally-the-left-wing-base. Otherwise, it’s doubtful there’s a broad constituency for not deporting people who have entered the country against the law.

Councilman Solorio’s participation may be, at least in part, an exercise in fence-mending: his recent effort to revive the ICE contract to use the Santa Ana Jail infuriated the same radical elements who organizing the Caravan – leading them to label Solorio as the “Latino Trump.”

Why is Democrat Assemblyman Tom Daly on the Caravan’s itinerary? One needs to consider that A) the reason Perez is not an Assemblyman is because Tom Daly beat him for the AD69 seat in 2012; B) it’s no secret Perez is shopping for a progressive-Berniecrat Democrat to mount a primary challenge against Daly and C) Anaheim Councilman and fellow Caravaner is a name that keeps cropping up as such a candidate.

During his campaign for city council last year, Moreno strongly supported making a Anaheim a sanctuary city. Although he has soft-pedaled that stance since being elected – he has to run for re-election next year – the council will take an up-or-down vote on sanctuary city status sometime in the next few weeks.

The Usual Supects
This is a carefully planned and organized endeavor by professional political activists, not a grass-roots uprising. The individuals behind it are knee-deep in the ongoing progressive Democratic project of turning Orange County blue. The Caravan is just another sortie in that campaign.

Here’s video post this afternoon on the Caravan’s Facebook page, featuring Jonathan Paik of the Korean Resource Center (KRC).

Paik filed a California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) lawsuit against Fullerton. The thing is, Fullerton had already agreed to shift to by-district council elections in order to settle an earlier CVRA lawsuit, but Paik got his lawsuit in under the wire so his attorney could collect attorney fees courtesy of Fullerton taxpayers.  Paik and the KRC unsuccessfully lobbied the council to adopt a voting district map in which three of the five council seats had Democratic majorities.

The KRC also put $20,000 into the Yes on Measures L and M campaign, which carved Anaheim expended its city council from four to six members and carved the city into single-member council districts.

Same-Old, Same-Old Tactics
Here’s another Facebook video of the Caravan marching around in front of Rep. Ed Royce’s office in downtown Brea:

Beating drums, carrying Spanish-language signs, chanting in Spanish, demanding passage of SB 54 to make California a sanctuary state – plus the de rigeur costumed Aztec dancer.

Things got more heated at Rep. Mimi Walters’ office, where the Caravaners took to pounding on the door and chanting (click here for the video; it’s about the 10:00 minute mark). Because nothing says “I’m against hate” than behaving like a mob.

Let’s face it. For months, the same groups, radical unions like SEIU, and politicians organizing and participating in this political theater have been telling immigrants – both legal and illegal – that Republicans hate them and are coming to get them. Never mind that deportation actions by federal authorities are little changed from under the Obama Administration.

The reality is there’s broad public agreement that we should find a pathway to legal status or citizenship for young people brought here illegally as children, and against separating families. Americans want to immigration to be legal, controlled and orderly, and they want criminal illegal immigrants deported. People can disagree on whether President Trump’s border wall is the most effective enforcement measure, but only political radicals – the same folks organizing the Caravan – are hostile to enforcing our immigration laws.

We can have a reasonable debate on this issues, but the extremists behind events like the Caravan want none of it. They demand that people who have entered the country illegally and are living here illegally be immediately granted all the privileges of citizenship – and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to that radical proposition is denounced as a xenophobe. Their political interest is in whipping up fear among the very people they claim to want to protect from fear. In a real sense, in that regard, they’re guilty of what they accuse Trump of being.



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