Senior OC Democratic Party Official Admits Secretly Shipping Marijuana Across State Lines

Speaking at this Tuesday’s Anaheim City Council meeting, senior Democratic Party of Orange County leader Jeff LeTourneau stated that three days earlier, he had hidden marijuana in a stuffed animal and shipped it to a family member on the East Coast:

“Now, to the gentleman here who is ranting and raving about medical marijuana, let me tell you about what I did three days  ago. My 86-year old adopted mother called me and said that her nephew was dying of Stage 4 lung cancer in upper New York where they have no access to medical marijuana. I drove my butt down to my pharmacy with my ID, and I bought painkilling oils, brought them home, put them in a stuffed animal, and shipped them to New York for him, so he could get through his chemotherapy.”

LeTourneau’s actions are violations of federal law. Despite the public nature of the admission, the likelihood of federal authorities taking action against the Democratic Party official “are around 2%” according to a law enforcement official contacted by OC Daily.

The night before his startling admission, LeTourneau was elected Vice Chair, North County of the Democratic Party of Orange County. LeTourneau is a long-time left-wing political activist known for his confrontational, abrasive political style.

Prior to stating he had smuggled medical marijuana – which is still illegal under federal law — across state lines, LeTourneau also attacked Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada for his statement that marijuana was addictive:

“Also when I was replaying the 7 and a half hours when I was working the next day, I happened to see the police chief – I wasn’t really paying attention to what he said – until my jaw dropped when he actually said, a line directly out of Reefer Madness in 1934, that ‘I believe marijuana is an addictive drug.’  Now, how absurd is that in a day when his officers are accused of excessive force, brutality to the homeless, the people of this state just spoke about recreational marijuana being the will of the people, that he’s still running around advocating arresting people for victimless crimes, spending wasting money for non-violent drug offenses which fill our prisons. The problem may be at the head, where things rot from the head down, that’s where you need to look for new policies across the board.”

It’s unclear what bearing allegations of excessive police force or mistreatment of the homeless have on whether or not marijuana is addictive. It’s also unclear how the question of whether marijuana is addictive can be settled by plebiscite.


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