Sanders Supporters In OC And Elsewhere Turn To Crowdfunding To Pay Way to DNC

Supporters of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who is running of a platform of more “free” stuff from the federal government, are learning that being a delegate to the July 25-28 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia isn’t going to be free. The Sanders campaign isn’t paying they way, so many are turning to “crowdfunding” sites like to raise the several thousand dollars necessary to pay their way.

One of those Sanders supporters is Jose F. Moreno, who has been appointed to serve on the Democratic National Convention Standing Committee on Rules. The left-wing Moreno is the chairman of the CSULB Chicano Studies Department, and is Mayor Tom Tait’s candidate for Anaheim City Council from newly-created District 3.

Moreno launched a GoFundMe page on July 1 with the goal of raising $4,500:

We are active politically as I am a member of the Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee. I served 8 years on the local school board fighting for public education and I am currently running for the Anaheim City Council in the City’s first ever district-based election, a system I and others helped fight for under the California Voting Rights Act.  

I fight for these critical issues having been an undocumented child raised in a working-class home in often difficult circumstances. I see these struggles in students I work with today, in our neighborhoods in Anaheim & Orange County, CA, and in the harsh often exploitative working conditions of our families. This is why I ask for your help–so we can take our voices to the Convention to insure our Party focuses on uplifting and fighting alongside the struggles of working people and to bring full justice and equality to all people regardless of who they love; where they are from; who they pray to; or what economic conditions they are born into. 

I was surprised and thrilled to be nominated to serve on the Rules Committee.  While it is an extreme honor to have been selected to serve on such an important Committee for the Democratic Convention, we are asked to pay the full cost for travel, lodging and incidentals–personal costs our family did not budget for.

So far, Moreno has raised $850 – the single biggest donation being $150 from Julio Perez, the executive director of the Orange County Labor Federation.



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