OC Reactions To Democrat Legislature Hiring Eric Holder To Fight Trump

The state legislature, now dominated by Democrat super-majorities, has escalated its war against the incoming Donald Trump Administration by hiring former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – the symbol of the outgoing Obama Administration’s high-handed approach to the law and the separation of powers. Holder’s firm will be paid a $25,000 monthly retainer.

Reaction from several Orange County legislators has been swift.

Assemblyman Travis Allen (AD72) issued this statement:

“It is not surprising that California Democrats would hire someone with a record of lawlessness to represent them.  Eric Holder’s major accomplishments as Attorney General was allowing illegal gun running into Mexico with Fast and Furious and then being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen.  “The goal of the California Democrats is clear: an open border with no restrictions on human traffickers, gun runners and drug smugglers. Eric Holder has the record to help them accomplish this goal.”

Senator Pat Bates (SD36) sent out this statement:

“California already has an Attorney General’s office charged with defending the state and its laws. That office has 4,300 employees and a budget of $830 million. The Legislature should not be spending taxpayer dollars to hire an expensive outside attorney. What a waste!”

Senator John Moorlach (SD35) had this to say:

“If the majority party continues to poke President-elect Trump with a short stick, then they better be prepared with a Plan B. And, as far as I can tell, there is no alternative plan should these combative moves not be received well by the incoming Trump Administration.

“We cannot and must not jeopardize Federal funding to our state, counties and cities. They cannot afford it, especially with increasing pensions costs at the door.”



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