OC Politico Samuel Han Tapped As California Director for Freedom Foundation

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The Freedom Foundation announced today that Sam Han has joined its leadership team to guide the organization’s latest expansion to California.

Han will serve as California director, ensuring local and state governments are accountable to the voters rather than public-sector unions. Specifically, he will work to make collective bargaining transparent, give government employees a choice to join an employee’s union or not, and to keep taxpayer’s money from being unwillingly used to influence the political system, and provide guidance to legislators and citizens on ways to combat union influence.

“We’re pleased that Sam decided to join our team. He has the skills necessary to quickly advance our mission in California,” said Tom McCabe, Freedom Foundation CEO.

Samuel Han

Samuel Han

As a California native, Han is a veteran political hand who has been involved in local, state and federal races and previously worked for the California State Legislature as a district director. He is a graduate of UC San Diego and holds a business certificate from the Harvard Business School.

The Freedom Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit think and action tank with offices in Washington, Oregon and California.

Founded in 1991 by Bob Williams and Lynn Harsh as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, it has emerged as a national leader in winning the fight for freedom at the state and local level.

The Freedom Foundation is working to reverse the stranglehold public-sector unions have on government. There is no path to expanded freedom, opportunity or prosperity until collective bargaining is transparent, government employees have a choice to join an employee’s union or not, and taxpayer’s money is prohibited from being unwillingly used to influence the political system. The Freedom Foundation has the will and skill to take on those who attack freedom.

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