OC GOP Chairman Calls On Chad Mayes To Resign As Assembly GOP Leader, Citing Cap-and-Trade Vote

Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Fred Whitaker and San Diego County GOP Chairman Tony Kvaric have each  called upon Assemblyman Chad Mayes to step down as the Republican Leader in the state Assembly. Whitaker and Kvaric cited Mayes pivotal role in helping Democratic Governor Brown garner Republican votes for extending his cap-and-trade program for another 10 years.

Cap-and-trade will impose enormous costs on the economy that will land hardest on the poor and working class, and small business. It will boot energy prices and add eventually increase the cost of gasoline by nearly a dollar a gallon.

It is a stinging rebuke to Mayes from the leaders of the state’s two largest county Republican parties. Following is the text of Whitaker’s letter:

Dear Assembly Republican Leader Mayes,

The California Legislature’s decision to extend Governor Jerry Brown’s “Cap and Trade” program was a disaster. Cap and Trade negatively impacts our economy today, and as a result of your vote, an enormous financial burden on poor and middle class families is perpetuated. The harm of the Cap and Trade extension can’t be understated. It will continue to drive small businesses from our state at a greater speed and in larger numbers, while increasing costs for those that can least afford it. In my written appeal to you last week imploring opposition to the legislation, I shared the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s warning that the Cap and Trade extension would raise fuel prices by 21 cents per gallon come 2022 and by 71 cents per gallon come 2030 – this is in addition to the 19 cents per gallon hike rammed through by the Democrats in April. Cap and Trade also artificially increases the costs of electrical generation, and all products that use fuel or electricity in the creation of their products or services. California simply can’t afford Cap and Trade.

I have the deepest respect for you, and have enjoyed our conversations on how we win back California for the GOP. Yet, the vote you and six other Republicans took, is 180 degrees away from the principles I thought we shared. One of your mandates as Assembly Republican Leader is to elect more Republicans to the Assembly, but your support for Cap and Trade makes it significantly more challenging for us to take back Assembly District 65. GOP support for this legislation allowed Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva to vote against it, and issue a press release standing up for the economic interests of the voters in her district. You gave an incumbent Democrat in a swing seat you are supposed to be targeting, a free pass to act more Republican than our leadership.

After long and careful thought, I respectfully ask you to resign your position as Assembly Republican Leader immediately and allow another Republican to lead. The California Republican Party must continue working toward regaining the political momentum – but it can’t do so if its leaders back the same policies that Democrats support. You cannot be the leader when the grassroots needed to elect more legislators will not follow you.


Hon. Fred M. Whitaker
Republican Party of Orange County

For the PDF of Whitaker’s  and Kvaric’s letters, click here.


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