OC GOP Calls For Resignation of Controversial Lake Forest Councilman

It’s an understatement to say that Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick courts controversy. He has attempted to bribe a reporter and launched multiple failed attempts to recall his council colleagues (helpfully funded by another council colleague, James Gardner) – and that’s just for starters.

Recently, Nick became embroiled in a online tussle on Patch.com with anonymous commenter “Justin Thyme” over whether Nick was really a certified public accountant:

James Ross is a Lake Forest Patch writer who seems to have made it his mission to dig into the backgrounds of both Nick and Gardner (reporting, for example, that the latter is a virulent Jesus debunker). Ross investigated Nick’s promise that he had never claimed to be a CPA and used the Internet Wayback Machine to turn up evidence Nick had, in fact, made such a claim when running for Lake Forest City Council ion 2012.

Nick’s 2012 council campaign biography on the SmartVoter.org voter information website originally stated he was a CPA; the information was submitted by Nick himself.  Since then, that claim has been scrubbed from the website – very likely in response to a July 14, 2015 letter to Nick from the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) inquiring as to Nick’s “holding yourself out as an Accountant/CPA on the Internet website, http://nickforcouncil2012.com” and requiring he substantiate the claim.

Given the convincing evidence, today, the Republican Party of Orange County issued a press release taking Councilman Nick up on his promise to resign if it were demonstrated he had falsely claimed to be a CPA:

 The Republican Party of Orange County called on Lake Forest City Councilman Adam Nick to resign today amid revelations that he fraudulently claimed to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and recently offered to resign his seat if it could be proven that he wasn’t a licensed CPA. 

“The most important duty of every elected official is to preserve the public trust,” said Chairman Fred Whitaker. “Adam Nick breached that trust in a very serious way when he willfully misrepresented his credentials.”

Adam Nick had claimed on his campaign website that he was a CPA. The California Board of Accountancy (CBA) notified Adam Nick through an official letter that it had no record of ever issuing a CPA license to him. To view the letter, please click here.

Adding insult to injury, Adam Nick voluntarily offered to resign his city council seat if any evidence that he wasn’t a CPA could be produced. His offer was made on a local news website and can be viewed by clicking here.

Chairman Fred Whitaker continued: “This latest development is just another example of Adam Nick’s reckless behavior and continual ethical lapses as an elected official. He promised to vacate his seat on the Lake Forest City Council if it could be proven that he wasn’t a licensed CPA – and now we have that proof. For the good of the residents of Lake Forest and the Republican Party of Orange County, I call on Adam Nick to keep his word and resign.”

There are two council seats up in this November’s election; Councilmembers Dwight Robinson and Adam Nick are seeking re-election. Also running are Francisco Barajas and Leah Basile – allies, respectively, of Robinson and Nick. Basile is a confederate of Nick’s and Garnder’s in their fruitlerss, wasteful recall attempts.

It remains to be seen whether Nick will honor his promise, but it’s doubtful anyone is holding their breath on that one.


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