OC GOP Calls For Investigation Into Lake Forest Recall Committee

Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Fred M. Whitaker released the following statement after it was revealed that convicted forger Josue Vizcay is working with ex-Lake Forest City Councilman Adam Nick and the Committee To Recall Lake Forest Councilman Andrew Hamilton 2017:

“It is shameful, but not surprising, that Adam Nick and his associates behind the effort to recall an exemplary elected official like Lake Forest City Councilman Andrew Hamilton would work in league with a convicted forger,” said Chairman Fred Whitaker. “We have alerted Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley about this development and hope that a complete investigation will ensue to determine whether the submitted signatures were collected in a lawful manner.”

The official court record detailing Josue Vizcay’s forgery conviction can be viewed by clicking here. He has proudly proclaimed his involvement with the Committee to Recall Lake Forest Councilman Andrew Hamilton 2017 on social media, including a Facebook live broadcast made from the Lake Forest city offices when the recall signatures were submitted. Please click here to view the video.

Chairman Fred Whitaker continued: “I find it very suspicious that Adam Nick and his associates submitted 16,307 signatures, more than twice the number of signatures that were turned in during the last failed recall attempt against Councilman Andrew Hamilton. There is a concern that a significant number of the submitted signatures may have been forged. We believe it is also possible that the recall proponents copied and pasted signatures collected from the previous recall effort.”

“People are already very skeptical about the political process and disturbing developments such as this only widen the trust gap that much further. To restore the public’s trust in Lake Forest, I implore Adam Nick to take the advice of the constituents who voted him off the city council in the last election cycle and immediately cease his involvement in city affairs.”


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