OC Democratic Party Official On Video Harassing Gay Republican Volunteer

Video has surfaced of Orange County Democratic Party Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau verbally abusing a gay Republican gathering signatures to recall Democratic Sen. Josh Newman:

The incident took place in front of WalMart in Fullerton in the heart of the 29th Senate District, which Newman represents. LeTourneau, a long-time left-wing Democratic acivists notorious for his volcanic public outbursts, accused recall organizer Carl DeMaio, a gay Republican activist and former San Diego councilmean, of being a traitor to gays.

“Which one of you a**holes is the gay?,” LeTorneau says in the video. “You f—ing belong to a party that writes our destruction into its platform. How f—ing dare you be in this county. Get your s–t and get out of here. You are a f—ing disgrace to any gay person I know. Piece of sh-t.”

LeTourneau pressed up against the signature table, just a couple of feet from DeMaio, ranting and jabbing his finger while trying to prevent the man and his fellow volunteers from gathering signatures.

LeTourneau took photos of DeMaio and threaten to socially ostracize him:

“I’m gonna make sure everybody in the LGBTQ community knows.”

To which DeMaio replied, “They already know. I publish the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. They know who I am.”

LeTourneau continued berating the man, barking that he was not authentically gay:

“You do not belong to our community. You also do not belong to the LGBTQ community either.”

A Democratic activist standing nearby came to LeTourneau’s defense, saying he didn’t blame LeTourneau for being angry.

“LeTourneau clearly thinks that if you are gay, you can only be a Democrat which is both arrogant and highly offensive,” DeMaio told the media. “The idea that Californians are sick of paying higher taxes cuts across party lines and sexual orientation.”

OC Daily reached out to OC Democratic Party Chair Fran Sdao for comment on whether this is appropriate behavior from a DPOC officer.

LeTourneau has a knack for courting controversy. Earlier this year, he came under fire to admitting, while addressing the Anaheim City Council, that he had illegally shipped medical marijuana across state lines. He cut his political teeth in ACT-UP’s confrontational, in-your-face school of political action.

The tragic shooting attack on the Republican congressional baseball team by ardent progressive activist James Hodgkinson, in which he severely wounded Rep. Steve Scalise and several other staffers and Capitol police officers, has sparked a national conversation about the toxic political environment created by extreme political rhetoric and actions. This is driven almost exclusively by  progressive-Left activists unable to cope with Donald Trump’s election and responding with over-the-top, over-heated rhetoric about fascism killing our Republic.

Given the apparent desire by political leaders on both sides of the aisle to lower the partisan temperature and pull our politics back from the brink, one has to wonder if it is time for the DPOC to retire LeTourneau’s extreme, attack-dog brand of activism.


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