November 29 OC Election Update: Do’s Winning Margin Virtually Unchanged, Josh Newman Increases Lead

Today’s Registrar of Voters update involves several thousand provisional ballots, and in the 1st Supervisor District, incumbent Republican Andrew Do’s lead is essentially unchanged: yesterday’s lead over Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez was 669 votes, and today it is 661 votes:


454 additional ballots were counted since Saturday, and Martinez gained 8 votes. It’s safe to say Supervisor Do has iced this election.

Senate District 29
More ballots counted in this tri-county legislative district, and the news for GOP Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang isn’t any better: she still trails Democrat newcomer Josh Newman by 2,136 votes. Newman is winning with 158,790 votes to her 156,654 – or 50.3%  to 49.7% for readers who prefer percentages.

San Clemente Hotel Bed Tax Measure In Virtual Tie
Measure OO, which would increase the beach city’s transient occupancy tax (TOT) from 10% to 13%, is barely passing. The “yes” margin is only 17 votes out of 30,011 counted so far:

Interestingly, as voters in three Orange County cities (Westminster, La Palma and Fountain Valley) strongly approved 1% sales tax hikes that fall considerably on themselves, San Clemente voters may wind up rejecting a tax increase that is almost exclusively levied on out-of-towners.

If it is ultimately passes, Measure OO would also extend the TOT to short-term rentals and empower the City Council to repeal or “refine” the TOT without voter approval; extended it or increasing it again with necessitate voter approval.

Education Reform Candidate Gaining In SAUSD Board Race
When OC Daily last reported on the Santa Ana Unified School District Governing Board race, teachers union candidate Alfonso Alvarez was surging ahead of education reform candidate Angie Cano; on November 17, he led her by 209 votes.

Cano has been cutting that lead for the last few days, and now trails Alvarez by 70 votes:

Although OC Daily has no confirmation on the number of uncounted votes in SAUSD, since the counting is pretty much done in the 1st Supervisor District it stands to reason there are few uncounted SAUSD ballots.

What’s Left To Count
Here’s the tally of uncounted ballots per the ROV:

  • 92 vote-by-mail ballots
  • 91 vote-by-mail ballots returned at the polls
  • 56 Election Day paper ballots
  • 34,680 provisional ballots.

OC Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley expects to certify the election results on December 6.


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