November 16 OC Election Update: Small Margins. Big Stakes

OC Daily might have ventured predictions a mite prematurely yesterday morning, as the evening update resulted in some close races getting even closer.  Riding on the outcome of two close races is the balance-of-power in the state Senate and on the newly-expanded Anaheim City Council.

Senate District 29
51,00 Orange County ballots were counted yesterday, and when combined with updates from LA and San Bernardino counties, Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang’s over Jose Newman  in SD29 shrank from 5,045 votes to 3,684:

A vote pick-up of 1,361 is pretty solid. The bulk of the remaining uncounted ballots are provisionals – which tend to favor Democrats. The question, of course, is how many uncounted ballots remain in SD29.

If Ling Ling Chang wins, Democrats are denied a two-thirds super-majority in the state Senate. If Newman wins, it’s Katy bar the door – the leftists controlling the legislature will be off and running.

There are a lot of eyes on this and other races. According to the ROV, there have been as many as 174 observers there are any one time.

Anaheim: Council District 3
Jose F. Moreno, the leftist academic and practitioner par excellence of identity politics, significantly reduced the already narrowing lead held by Councilman Jordan Brandman.

Moreno had been taking bites out of Brandman’s lead for days, but yesterday was a big gulp: he picked up 142 votes and now trails the incumbent by 95 votes.

Democrat turn-out in Anaheim was strong, and a large chunk of the votes counted yesterday were from Anaheim. OC Daily has unconfirmed reports there are approximately 720 vote-by-mail and 1,200 provisional ballots left to count in District 3.

GOP Mayor Tom Tait went all in for Moreno (in contrast to his sub rosa support in 2014). His hopes for an ersatz majority for his final two years in politics rides on Moreno winning. Many of Tait’s supporters on the Right are so tunnel-visioned on hotel subsidies that the true consequences of a Moreno victory elude them.

Moreno’s election would be good news for:

  • Progressives and Berniecrats
  • Supporters of racial/ethnic identity politics
  • Unionizing thousands of Anaheim hotel workers
  • Those who share Marxist historian Howard Zinn’s view of American history
  • Building a mini-welfare state in Anaheim.
  • Advocates of sanctuary city status and radical immigration policies

Tom Tait is out of office in two years; a Councilman Moreno would serve for eight years. Moreno is the leader of a motivated network of identity-politics progressives who are steadily moving into elective office in central Orange County. A Moreno win positions him to move up the political ladder to the state legislature: Assemblyman Tom Daly would be termed out of the 69th Assembly District at the same time Moreno would be termed out of city council. All of this translates into making it that much harder to hold the line against Democrat advances in OC – let alone pushing back.

Food for thought for those thinking long-term.


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