November 17 Election Update: Brandman Holds Onto Lead Over Moreno in Anaheim’s District 3

Another round of ballot counting updates, and the race in Anaheim’s Council District 3 got a little tighter. Leftist academic Jose F. Moreno picked up some votes, but it wasn’t nearly as big a gain as yesterday.

Another 1,217 votes were counted in District 3, and Moreno picked up 34 – putting him 61 votes behind Councilman Jordan Brandman.

If reports OC Daily has received are correct, there may be as many as 800-900 uncounted ballots left in District 3. Moreno will likely gain more voters, but whether it will be enough is an open question. If they break the way they did today, Brandman should win a nailbiter.

Senate District 29
Tracking this one can be challenging since the results are coming in from three different county registrars of varying speed when it comes to reporting. The San Bernardino County numbers were updated this afternoon at 3:39 p.m. The LA County registrar website states the results were last updated late on Tuesday afternoon. The Secretary of State website hasn’t updated its numbers for today.

However, the Orange County results – which comprise the bulk of votes cast in SD29 – have tightened considerably:

Ling Ling Chang has been leading by more than 3,000 voters in Orange County earlier this week, but Josh Newman now trails by only 335 votes in OC. Chang has been narrowly leading Newman in San Bernardino, while Newman has been even more narrowly ahead of Chang in Los Angeles County. A lot of SD29 ballots have been counted during the last few days. The question is whether there are enough uncounted ballots to push Newman ahead of Chang.

Santa Ana Unified School District: Teachers Union Candidate Passes Reform Candidate
Bad news for supporters of charter schools in particular and public school reform in general: reform Angie Cano fell 209 votes behind Alfonos Alvarez, who was part of the teachers union candidate slate:

Cano had been in third place, but Alvarez has been rapidly eating into her lead, whittling it to just 11 votes yesterday and leaping significantly ahead today. This trend shows no sign of reversing.

1st Supervisor District
We can safely put this race on ice for GOP Supervisor Andrew Do over Democratic Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez:

While Democratic candidate all over central and north Orange County have been making major gains during the last couple of days, Martinez has remained nearly 6,000 votes behind Do for nearly a week. if she was going to pass Do, it would have happened already.


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