Latina School Board Member Calls On LULAC Return To Non-Partisanship

From the California Policy Center:

Iglesias to LULAC: ‘Return to your civil rights mission! Fight for education choice for all!’

Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Cecilia Iglesias on Tuesday called on the nation’s pre-eminent Latino organization to reaffirm its commitment to nonpartisan activism.

“The mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States,” Iglesias said. “But there are innumerable signs that the organization has become too cozy with government employee union leaders to truly represent the real interests of our community.”

On Monday, July 24, Iglesias received a LULAC National email with the subject line: “Action Alert: Protect Our Health Care! Tell Congress to Oppose the ACA Repeal!” In the email, LULAC asked its members to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act by calling congressional members.

“The directions for doing this included an option to use the hotline of the Service Employees International Union, one of the government unions most responsible for defending the status quo that hurts all Americans,” Iglesias said.

SEIU is a public employee union that almost exclusively supports Democratic political candidates and which strongly opposes conservatives – or even Democrats who want to reform the government-run programs that fail our communities.

“SEIU endorses candidates who defend the status quo. In 2016, the Santa Ana, California SEIU local endorsed exclusively pro-union candidates for Santa Ana Unified School District trustees. They were exclusively Democrats who could be counted on to raise the cost of educating our children without improving the quality,” Iglesias said.

The LULAC email also asked recipients to donate to LULAC in support of the organization’s fight “against the ongoing threats to our civil rights.” Iglesias called on LULAC leaders to take civil rights seriously, to reject an alliance with political parties, and to fight instead for “a quality public education for all students through school choice. Universal, quality public education is the civil rights battle of our day.”

“I have been a member of LULAC since 2010,” Iglesias said. “In May 2013, the organization’s members elected me to serve as California LULAC’s Deputy Director for Women. In October 2013, I was recognized as LULAC-Santa Ana’s woman of the year in education.

“I joined LULAC because I believe in its mission,” Iglesias said. “I believe in that mission enough to fight for it.”

Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias is a Santa Ana Unified School District trustee and director of education and community relations for the California Policy Center.

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