Is Assemblyman Travis Allen Running for Governor?

That’s the rumor.

There’s been growing speculation the three-term Republican Assemblyman will run for governor next year, when incumbent Jerry Brown is termed out. And his political rhetoric has been taking on that coloration.

Today, a video was posted on his Facebook page teasing a “major announcement” slated for tomorrow, June 22, at 10:00 a.m.:

Allen’s first run for office was in 2012, when he blasted into Orange County politics and waged a conservative outsider campaign to beat the establishment favorite, Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar.  Since then, he has displayed a feel for populist politics and conservative issues that extend past conventional partisan boundaries.

Winning the general election will be an uphill battle for any Republican, but unless the GOP fields fractures into multiple candidates as with the 2016 U.S. Senate race, Allen has a very good chance of making it into the top-two elect ion in November. The Democrats are running the state like their own personal fiefdom (most recently, re-writing the recall law to stymie the Josh Newman recall) and ramming through left-wing legislation that exceeds the political parameters of even regular Democratic voters.

If we’ve learned anything from recent electoral history, it’s that nothing should be ruled out as impossible.


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