Ironic Funding Source For Pro-Union Group That Authored $18 Minimum Wage Initiative Study

Militant hotel workers union UNITE-HERE Local 11 is leading a coalition of Anaheim Resort unions seeking to qualify an $18 minimum wage for the November ballot. The state minimum wage is currently $11 an hour – if approved, this initiative would give the Anaheim Resort the highest minimum wage in the nation. It would apply to any Anaheim Resort business with some kind of subsidy or tax rebate agreement with the city – meaning the Disney theme parks and hotels, and a number of other Resort hotel projects and the GardenWalk. This is seen by many as an opening salvo in a union effort to create a city-wide minimum wage ordinance.

This is certainly not lost on the Anaheim Hilton, which is in the middle of contract negotiations with UNITE-HERE Local 11. The Hilton – along with the Sheraton Park Hotel and the Disney hotel properties – are the only hotels in the Anaheim Resort whose workers are UNITE-HERE members.  The radical hotel union certainly sees its proposed “living wage” initiative as leverage on the Hilton.

A study by the LA-based Economic Roundtable is being used to justify this proposed impose this massive wage increase. And who was the Economic Roundtable’s biggest funder last year?:  The Hilton Foundation!

According to the Economic Roundtable’s most recent Form 990, the Conrad Hilton Foundation contributed $150,000 to the pro-union research non-profit that provides intellectual ammunition for greater government control of the economy. [A review of past Form 990s shows labor unions to be the Economic Roundtable’s primary source of funding.]

The Hilton Foundation is separate from Hilton Hotels, which Barron Hilton sold to The Blackstone Group more than a decade ago. However, a majority of the foundation’s board members are Hilton family members, and there’s more than a little irony in the family helping to fund research being used by a radical hotel workers union to leverage a Hilton hotel.

And yet another example of a charitable foundation endowed by the fruits of capitalism funding left-wing efforts to undermine and attack free enterprise (see also the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, ad nauseum). As Vladimir Lenin supposedly said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we hang them.”

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