Intolerance From The Party of Tolerance: Democrats Silence Sen. Janet Nguyen

Barely two weeks again, progressive Democrats across the nation expressed their outrage that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was “silenced” by Republicans during her floor speech accusing Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions of being a racist. How dare Sen. Mitch McConnell silence the brave progressive senator!

But when it is a conservative Republican criticizing a leftist icon…apparently Democrats think silence is golden.

Yesterday, Senator Janet Nguyen, who came to the U.S. as child fleeing the Communist conquest of South Vietnam, rose to honor those millions who have suffered and died under the Vietnamese Communists and criticize the legislature for two days earlier honoring the late Tom Hayden – a former California legislator who actively gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese enemy during the Vietnam War.

Nguyen first read her statement in Vietnamese without interruption by the ruling Democrats, because they had no idea what she was saying. When she began reciting the English version, they were quick to action. Democratic Sen. Dick Monning rose to his feet to raise a “point of order” and object it was inappropriate to criticize a “fallen” colleague – as if Hayden had died in battle rather than supporting the Communist regime actively killing American servicemen in the field.

The presiding officer, Sen. Ricardo Lara, relentlessly pounded the gavel in an attempt to silence Nguyen, who refused to be quiet and continued delivering her remarks – even as Lara summoned the sergeants and had her physically removed from the Senate chamber.

Here’s the video:

To summarize: in the inside-out moral order of modern progressives, it is permissible to wrongly accusing a conservative of being a racist, and impermissible to stop the smear.  At the same time, it is forbidden to truthfully state that a man aided and abetted our enemy in wartime, and such truth-telling ought to be silenced.


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