Garden Grove: Phat Bui Owes Himself $354,000 in Campaign Debt

Garden Grove Councilman Phat Bui’s campaigns owe a lot to Phat Bui. Literally.

Indeed, he may be the most debt-ridden politician in Orange County in terms of unpaid campaign loans.

At the end of 2015, his city council campaign committee reports outstanding loan debt of $144,610 – all but $6,000 of it personal loans from himself. Bui also reported raising $22,684 and used $20,000 of that earlier this year to pay himself – which has the appearance of bailing out a sinking yacht with a dixie cup because Bui was simultaneously loaning his county supervisor campaign the first installment in what would ultimately be $230,000 in personal campaign loans.

To date, the combined total of Phat Bui’s personal loans to his city council and supervisor campaign committees is a whopping $356,610. One has to wonder how much more deeply Bui will dig into his personal wealth to fund a campaign for mayor of Garden Grove?


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