Garden Grove: Will — And Can — Bao Nguyen Run For Re-Election As Mayor?

The filing period for city council candidates opens on Monday, July 18, and one question on political observers minds is whether – and can – Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen will seek re-election to a second term.

Nguyen came in a distant second in the 46th Congressional District primary last month, netting 14.% to the 43.7% earned by top vote-getter Lou Correa. A nearly 30-point gap that’s virtually impossible for Nguyen to overcome, but enough votes to give Orange County its first Democrat v. Democrat general election contest under the jungle primary system.

Given that reality, it stands to reason the ultra-liberal Nguyen will also run for re-election as mayor while simultaneously running for Congress. But can he does so? OC Daily has been given different answers by different experts.

From what OC Daily can determine, there is no statutory impediment prohibiting Nguyen from doing both. State law prohibits someone from running for two different offices in the same jurisdiction; for example, one could not run for Los Angeles City Council and City Controller at the same time.

Candidates for city council or mayor do sign a document in which they swear that if elected, they will serve. If Bao Nguyen runs for re-election while also seeking election to Congress, he would by implication be deceiving the voters. if by some political miracle he won both races, Bao would assuredly choose Congress and blow off serving as mayor.

We’ll know Mayor Nguyen’s intentions by 5:00 p.m. August 12.


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