Garden Grove School Board Candidate Katelyn Brazer Thinks Ideal of Color-Blind Society Is “Racist”

Katelyn Brazer is a young, progressive, social justice warrior running for the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education in District 4. She works for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), a left-wing advocacy group that supports open borders. Brazer wants to unseat long-time incumbent Bob Harden.

According to her bio:

“Katelyn’s research explores the influence of a dominant colorblind racist culture on popular U.S. immigration policy narratives and the challenges in advancing immigrant rights while rejecting colorblind ideology and rhetoric.” [Emphasis added].

In other words, Brazer rejects the Martin Luther King Jr. ideal of judging people “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” as “racist.”

Ms. Brazer clearly takes checking her white privilege very, very seriously. And now she seeks election to the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education in order to join fellow radical Walter Muneton influencing the young minds under the district’s tutelage. In her work bio, Ms. Brazer states that:

“Her dream for Orange County is that local school districts and colleges will recognize the need for and create powerful system-wide structures to inform staff, advocates, students, families and the community about immigrant rights programs and resources.”

Translated from progressive-speak: Brazer wants her PC social justice warrior ideology institutionalized within our public school system.

Not that Brazer informs voters of her distinctly radical views in her candidate statement. Progressives understand such vanguard views are unpopular with the petite bourgeoisie and the lumpenproletariat, and are best kept under wraps.

Brazer’s endorsements affirm her radical bona fides. Here she touts the blessing of Jose Paolo Magcalas, who lucked into a seat on the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education because there were no other candidates:

Magcalas shares Brazer’s radical PC worldview: he published a paper describing how he launched Ethnic Studies at Loara High School in Anaheim in order to “liberate” students from the “oppression” of “Eurocentric” high school American history pedagogy.

The Orange County Employees Association has also endorsed Brazer:

Not surprising, since the OCEA has gone round the left-wing bend with much of the rest of the Democratic Party. The union chipped $500 into Brazer’s campaign fund.

Brazer also garnered the endorsement of the Latinx Young Democrats of Orange County:

As she notes, Brazer shares the left-wing LYDOC’s hostility to charter schools.

Parents of school kids like charter schools and want more of them. Progressives like Brazer, Magcalas and Muneton think charter schools are harmful and dangerous – which undermines their ideological claim to speaking for “the people.”

The GGUSD teachers union is apparently A-OK with Brazer’s “dream” and her belief that the ideal of a colorblind society is “racist.” It has contributed $18,000 to her campaign – which amounts to 70% of her total campaign funds. Come contract negotiation time, it’s hard seeing a Trustee Brazer saying “no” to whatever the union demands – and not simply because the union is bankrolling her campaign.

One can’t help but wonder how members of the Garden Grove Educators Association and the OCEA would feel if they knew their unions were using their dues money to fund a candidate who thinks the ideal of a color-blind society is racist, and who wants to institutionalize that idea in our public school system?

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