UPDATED: District 5 Candidate Mark Lopez Supports Making Anaheim A Sanctuary City for Illegal Immigrants

At a candidate forum last night sponsored by a coalition of progressive political groups, Anaheim City Council candidate Mark Lopez gave his support to making Anaheim a “sanctuary city.” Lopez is running for city council from District 5, and was endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County after assuring them he was a conservative.

The forum was for all candidates running in the four council districts on the November ballot; eleven were there. It was co-sponsored by the ACLU of Southern California, the Anaheim Poverty Task Force, the Anaheim Youth Justice Coalition, the Arab American Civic Council, CAIR-LA, LEAN, LGBT Center OC, NAACP OC, OCCCO, Orange County Equality Coalition, Resilience OC and Women For:OC.

There were few truly undecided voters among the audience, which was dominated by progressive activists; and questions posed to the candidates were generally from the left side of the political spectrum. Fullerton College student and radical activist Lupita Cisneros asked the candidates if they “would support a resolution to make Anaheim a sanctuary city for the undocumented community, yes or no, and what would you do to help and protect the undocumented community in Anaheim.”

The Voice of OC – whose publisher Norberto Santa moderated the forum – reported:

“District 3 candidate Jose F. Moreno and Lopez both cited personal experiences with being undocumented in their support for such a resolution.

OC Weekly reported:

“All candidates save for Faessel and Angel agreed that Anaheim should become a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.”

Lopez told the audience that his father had been undocumented, and that he had sponsored him for citizenship “a few years ago,” noted his opposition to deportations that split up families, and then said he did not want the city to enforce immigration laws or doing “immigration checks.”

Sanctuary cities once again became a hot political issue with the murder of Kathryn Steinle last year in San Francisco by Francisco Sanchez, a criminal illegal immigrant who was at large due to the S.F’s “sanctuary city” status. Sanchez had been deported five times and was in the custody of the San Francisco Police Department. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) had requested an immigration detainer, but the police department refused due to San Francisco’s sanctuary city status.

Lopez moved into Anaheim from Westminster in April of this year to run for city council, and has demonstrated chameleon-like traits during his campaign. For example, Lopez early on courted the support of Resort District businesses, telling key figures he supported the policy of using TOT tax rebates to attract 4-Diamond hotels. Now, as a member of the Tait Sate of council candidates, he denounces that same policy with populist fervor. Lopez also said he was against Anaheim participating in the Homeland Security Department’s Countering Violent Extremism program because it was “discriminatory” and resulted in “us making war on ourselves,” and supported repeal of the anti-camping ordinance adopted in 2015 to reclaim Anaheim parks from being turned into homeless encampments.

This was markedly different from the conservative pose Lopez struck when asking Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee members, whom Lopez assured he was a true-blue conservative. It’s difficult to believe he would have secured their endorsement if OC GOP members knew he wanted to make Anaheim a sanctuary city like San Francisco or that an anti-terrorism program was discriminatory.

And the day before the candidate forum, Lopez participated in an Arab American Democratic Club fundraising for leftist Democrat Jose F. Moreno – who is running in District 3:


In this video short selfie video by fundraiser organizer Mirvette Judeh, Lopez can be seen cheering for Moreno with a group of progressive Democratic activists.

OC GOP Central Committees were duped by Lopez, but he’s already used the endorsement to have the OC GOP send a mailer to Republican voters in District 5 telling them he’s “the Official Republican candidate”:

Republican Party of OC members must be thrilled their officially endorsed candidate in District 5 supports making Anaheim a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and believes countering Islamist jihadist terrorist threats within our borders is “discriminatory.”

There were two other members of the Tait Slate at the candidate forum: Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras – both of whom also supported turning Anaheim into a sanctuary city. But they’re left-wing Democrats – of course they believe that kind of nonsense.

As one can see from this video, Lopez was in full-pander mode before the audience of progressive activists. Caught up in the moment of telling them what they want to hear, Mark Lopez forget about Kathryn Steinle, her family and the sorry record of liberal ideas like “sanctuary cities.” Kathryn Steinle was murdered because of San Francisco is a sanctuary city; why would Mark Lopez want to bring such fatal political correctness to Anaheim?

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