Democrat Congressional Candidates in OC Keep Distance From “Abolish ICE” Movement

“Abolish ICE” is all the rage on the Left, but Democratic candidates seeking to flip congressional seats in red Orange County aren’t jumping onto the latest progressive bandwagon, according to Susan Crabtree of the Washington Free Beacon. She reported the responses from the Democratic nominees in the 10 top targeted CDs in California – including four in OC:

Gil Cisneros, CA-39: “Gil does not support abolishing ICE … He believes Congress must look into and address the multiple stories of ICE detaining legal residents, including some U.S. citizens, and deporting law-abiding immigrants rather than going after criminals and terrorists.” — spokesman Nic Jordan (running against Republican candidate Young Kim)

Katie Porter, CA-45: “ICE should be focused on its core public safety mission, not targeting families. The real issue here is the failure of Donald Trump’s leadership.” (running against Rep. Mimi Walters)

Harley Rouda, CA-48: “The women and men of ICE need to get back to their actual, all-important jobs—protecting our national security and not taking part in a policy that rips children away from their parents at the border.” (running against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher)

Mike Levin, CA-49: “No, I do not support abolishing ICE … Our country needs immigration enforcement, but ICE should not be subject to the whims of the executive branch, and should administer our nation’s immigration laws in a humane manner.” (running against Republican candidate Diane Harkey)

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This underscores the reality that these are all Republican districts – or at least much more Republican than Democrat. Fringe movements like “Abolish ICE” excite progressives but scare off independents and middle-of-the-road voters. The latter understand that any candidate who wants to get rid of the nation’s immigration enforcement arm might also embrace any number of radical political stands. Candidates like Harley Rouda in CD48 are trying to reassure swing voters to take a chance on him over the known Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. Calling for the abolition of ICE undermines that effort. That’s why, during the primary, when several CD48 cities passed anti-sanctuary state resolutions, Rouda was silent on the issue.

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