DA’s Race: Spitzer Talks About Campaign Warchest; SA River Homeless City Bigger Than Ever

Earlier this week, the District Attorney campaign of Third District Supervisor Todd Spitzer issued a press release touting his “massive spending advantage over his opponent Tony Rackauckas,” while chief campaign strategist John Thomas crowed that “Todd Spitzer is crushing Rackauckas with a massive fundraising advantage. With all of the scandals continuing to pour out of the DA’s office and Spitzer’s strong lead it will be nearly impossible for Rackauckas to catch up.”

Spitzer does have a massive fundraising lead, thanks to the million dollars he piled up as a state Assemblyman (a horde from which the Assembly GOP Caucus’ attempts to elect more Republicans derived little little benefit), and which he has nurtured as a county supervisor.

This is directed at political insiders, trying to convince them that resistance is futile – get on board now so as not to be on losing side when DA Spitzer is looking to generate media coverage by going after political insiders.

Actual voters don’t care about Spitzer’s massive spending advantage. They do care about the massive homeless encampment sprawling for miles along the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) – a massive homeless encampment located with Spitzer’s Third District. A massive homeless encampment that didn’t exist a year ago, and which keeps getting bigger. A massive homeless encampment which has become a home for criminals and a hive of criminal activity.

This video posted on July 26 by some SART cyclists on has gone viral:

Another SART cyclist posted this polemic on Monday, which includes these “highlights” from his most recent venturing there with his wife:

  • Dogs wandering around scrounging for food
  • Multiple hypodermic needles on the ground right on the trail
  • A man standing in the middle of the trail having a brutal fight…with nobody.
  • A naked man standing next to the trail having a complete freak out.
  • A couple standing in the trail screaming and cursing at each other.
  • And my personal favorite for a trail I take my child to: a woman lying on her back on the embankment at the side of the trail having sex with a guy while two others waited in line.

In the aforementioned press release, Spitzer says, “I’m humbled and honored to have such prestigious leaders heading my campaign. We all share the same vision that the public needs a DA who will focus on what matters – putting violent criminals behind bars, standing up for victims and ensuring justice is served across the county.”

What voters will want to know is why – given the county’s inability to prevent the metastasizing in the Third District of a massive homeless town which has become a sanctuary for criminals and drug users – they should respond by making the Third District Supervisor the new district attorney?


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