D.A. Campaign: Todd Spitzer Release First Ad

Supervisor Todd Spitzer’s campaign for OC District Attorney released the first video ad of the 2018 cycle, touting it as “powerful.” Readers can watch the two-and-a-half minute YouTube video and make that judgment for themselves:

Intended to introduce voters to Todd Spitzer’s “Victim’s Voice” persona, the video is long and schmaltzy. Spitzer himself seems oddly subdued during his closing monologue. Spitzer promises to improve public education and the economy, which lead a veteran political insider to quip to me, “Is he running for DA, or Mayor of Orange County?”

The Spitzer campaign also issued a press release touting his endorsement by law professor Mario Mainero, who served for several years at Supervisor John Moorlach’s chief of staff. Mainero had flirted with the idea of running for District Attorney himself before deciding to back Spitzer. HEre’s an excerpt from the Spitzer press release:

Dear Friends,
I am proud to share with you the endorsement from Chapman University law professor Mario Mainero.  Professor Mainero’s endorsement quashes any thought of him running for the same seat.

“From my observation, and from having worked with him on a variety of matters, it is my judgment that Mr. Spitzer will not permit anyone to politically influence his decisions.  He has shown support and respect to victims both for the tragedy of their loss and for their proper role in the prosecution of a case.  I expect Mr. Spitzer to restore the integrity and professionalism to the District Attorney’s office that it so badly deserves. I therefore unreservedly give him my endorsement.”

-Professor Mario Mainero, Chapman University


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