County Firefighters Union Behind Anti-Do Mystery Mailer Last May

The question of which political interest was behind a mysterious hit piece against 1st District Supervisor just before the June primary, has been answered. Since the committee, the California Future Fund PAC is a non-party, non-candidate general recipient committee, state law didn’t require 24-hour disclosure of late contributions.

The regular semi-annual campaign disclosures have revealed the mystery funder behind the hit: the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association union. The OCPFA put $15,000 into the late hit.

According to sources, the firefighters union’s stated reason for hitting Do was his support for conservative Lincoln Club of Orange County President Wayne Lindholm.

Martinez is a councilmember in the OCFA’s largest contract city; whether she wins or loses, the union scores points. Do doesn’t serve on the OCFA Board of Directors,so there’s no real downside to hitting him.

Supervisor Do is in a re-election dog fight with Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez. While Do has marshaled superior campaign organization and resources relative to Martinez, the Santa Ana councilwoman benefitted in June from historically high Democratic turn-out. She is pegging her hopes on a strong Latino voter turn-out in November fueled by the Correa for Congress and Sanchez for Senate campaigns, plus the voter registration and turn-out efforts by unions and progressive “community organizers,” which are de facto arms of the Democratic Party.

Do has been making a political issue out of the City of Santa Ana allowing the Civic Center to become a massive homeless encampment. Several days ago, Martinez was shredded on the topic on the popular KFI-AM drive-time show “John & Ken.”

Given how fed-up voters are with what they see as a simultaneously self-serving and dysfunctional government, Martinez has not helped herself by voting this summer to boost her council pay by 700% and saying she thinks her council position should be a full-time job, rather than part-time service.


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