Coto Carpetbagger Kerr: Bushala’s Next Target?

Bushala holding two of his 2016 anti-Kang signs

Coto de Caza’s Joe Kerr is running to be the County Supervisor for the Fourth District in North County, claiming a residence 35 miles to the north in Fullerton.  His voter registration shows that Kerr has lived in his South County house in the Fifth District since at least 2000 and through at least the end of 2016.  Additionally, he still claims the homeowner’s exemption on his South County house for his 2016-2017 property taxes.

Fullerton Businessman Tony Bushala has already blasted Kerr for carpetbagging and compared Kerr’s bid for Fourth District Supervisor to Harry Sidhu’s failed bid for the same seat in 2010.  I can already imagine the “No Kerr: Coto de Caza Carpetbagger” signs.

If Kerr is to be the Democrats’ standard bearer in the Fourth Supervisorial District, Republicans would be wise to rally around a candidate who does not have any carpetbagging issues, so they can attack Kerr on the issue without allegations of hypocrisy.

Bushala’s carpetbagging accusation resonates in North Orange County, partly because Bushala consistently funds these efforts and does so regardless of party affiliation:

  • 2016: Former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang (D) was accused of carpetbagging from Irvine into Fullerton, losing the State Senate primary to now-Senator Josh Newman (D)
  • 2010: Anaheim Councilmembers Harry Sidhu (R) and Lorri Galloway (D) were accused of carpetbagging from Anaheim Hills in the Third Supervisorial District into the flatlands of Anaheim in the Fourth Supervisorial District, with Galloway losing the Supervisor’s race in the primary and Sidhu losing the run-off to now-Supervisor Shawn Nelson (R)
  • 2009: Linda Ackerman (R) was accused of carpetbagging from Irvine into Fullerton, losing the State Assembly special election to now-former Assemblyman Chris Norby (R)


One of Bushala’s 2010 anti-Sidhu signs


One of his anti-Sidhu signs in a yard, and one of his anti-Ackerman signs in a yard)


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