Cha-Ching: Anaheim Settling Hostile Workplace Claim By Now-Retired Police Chief Raul Quezada for $750,000

Anaheim taxpayers will pay newly-retired Police Chief Raul Quezada $750,000 to settle the hostile workplace claim he filed this summer, as part of his retirement package.

In August of this year, the Anaheim Police Association – which represents rank-and-file officers – overwhelmingly voted “no confidence” in Quezada. The chief subsequently filed his complaint accusing other sworn and civilian city staff of undermining his authority, spreading rumors about his personal life and making work “intolerable.”

The Tait-Moreno council majority maintained its loyalty to Quezada, but the coup de grace came earlier this week when the Anaheim Police Management Association – which represents the departments 25 lieutenants and captains – also expressed it had no confidence in the chief and called for his exit and replacement with Deputy Chief Julian Harvey. It’s impossible to lead a police force in such a situation, and Quezada retired on Monday.

As part of the $750,000 settlement, neither the city nor Quezada admit any fault, and Quezada forswears any further claims against or right to employment with Anaheim. $250,000 is in response to the former chief’s claim of economic harm, and $500,000 is for other damages and legal fees.


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