CD49: Democrats Applegate and Levin Vying To Challenge GOP Rep. Darrell Issa

Retired Marine Col. Doug Applegate came close to defeating GOP Rep. Darrell Issa last November, and he’s planning to challenge the nine-term congressman again in 2018.

He won’t be alone, however, as Mike Levin, the former executive director of the Democratic Party of Orange County, has also thrown his hat into the ring.

Applegate lost little time in challenging Levin to debate, posting this April 1 on his Facebook page:

Yesterday, Applegate posted that Levin had accepted and they two will meet June 8:

Applegate’s politics are progressive-Left fringe through-and-through. He wants a total government take-over of the health care system; support an unprecedented partisan filibuster of a US Supreme Court nominee (Neil Gorsuch); believes the “alt-right” controls the White House and Congress; opposes the use of automation in business.

Applegate has accused just about the entire Trump Administration of treason, but chose to mark St. Patrick’s Day by praising actual traitors – members of the San Patricio Battalion, composed mainly of Irishmen who had deserted the American Army during the Mexican War to fight with the Mexican Army against their former comrades in arms:

Applegate is clearly trying to occupy the most extreme anti-Trump lane in the primary. Its a questionable strategy that presumes a repeat of the political and turnout factors present in 2016. One would think a former military man would be wise to the dangers of fighting the last war.


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