No Real Changes After Today’s Updated Vote Tally

No lead changes after this afternoon’s 5:00 p.m. update, just slightly different margins. Meanwhile, observers were down at the OC Registrar of Voters watching the ballot processing and sometimes challenging ballots:


Late this afternoon, representatives from the Harry Sidhu and Steven Choi campaign, along with other observers, met in the challenge room to review approximately 70 challenged ballots:






The challenge review was scheduled to until 8:00 p.m. tonight.

Today’s ballots counted were primarily late VBMs and provisional ballots, primarily from Anaheim.

What’s left t count? According to the Registrar of Voters:

  • 1,321 vote-by-mail ballots returned at the polls.
  • 60,244 provisionals left to count.
  • 8,437 election day paper ballots left to count.
  • 1,828 eligible vote-by-mail ballots received after election day.

It will be interesting to see how many of the outstanding provisional ballots will turn out to be valid. Today, about 1,500 were processed, of which 300 were determined to be invalid. Assuming that ratio carries throughout, around 12,000 provisional ballots would be ineligible.

Here are the results from today’s update in key races:

1st Supervisor District







Martinez’s lead diminished slightly from 853 votes to 825.


68th Assembly District









Choi’s lead over Sidhu grew a little, from 32 to 49 votes.

46th Congressional District










Nguyen remains in second place, with his lead over Peterson increasing from 578 to 867.  It should also be noted that Lou Correa’s percentage has been creeping upward since Election Day. He was at 39.9% at the final Election Day update, and stands at 42.7% now – a little more than 7 points from an outright win. That’s not much distance to make up between now and November. Bao Nguyen still isn’t “going national, man” – instead he’s bought himself a ticket out of elected office.

Orange County Board of Education, Area 1







Incumbent Robert Hammond still has a lead over teachers union candidate Beckie Gomez, but it is too close for comfort for supporters of charter schools.

Stay tuned…


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