Election Day Plus 3: Bao Nguyen Gets Closer to Number 2 Spot In CD46

No results have changed after another day of ballot counting.

All the 58,000 vote-by-mail ballots that were actually mailed in by Election Day have been counted.

Interestingly, far more VBMs were walked in on Election Day than were mailed in: 91,500 were returned at the polling place. Of those, just 4,534 have been counted, leaving 86,966 left to count.

Also uncounted are:

All 61,370 provisional ballots (votes cast at the polling location in which the voter’s registration or other information is in question) still must be counted

All 11,200 paper ballots (cast by polling place voters who don’t use the voting machine).

All 13,828 eligible vote-by-mail ballots that arrived in the mail after Election Day.

Movement in some key races:

1st Supervisor District
Supervisor Andrew Do modestly increased his lead over Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez to 836 votes:

Past experience has shown that Vietnamese-American candidates tend to gain ground during the post-Election Day ballot counting, so don;t be surprised if this trend continues s the remaining ballots are counted.

46th Congressional District
GOPer Bob Peterson continues losing ground to left-wing Democratic Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen vis-a-vis which will go up against top-vote-getter Lou Correa in November:

Peterson gained 438 votes compared to Nguyen’s gain of 701 votes, reducing Peterson’s lead from 499 votes to 236 votes. The kinds of ballots left ot be counted will tend to favor both Vietnamese and Democratic candidates, so it’s entirely possible Boa Nguyen will ultimately take the second-spot and give Orange County a Democrat v. Democrat general election.

68th Assembly District
In AD68, former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu widened his lead over Irvine Mayor Steven Choi for the number two spot:

After Wednesday’s count, Sidhu led Choi by 704 votes. On Thursday, that shrunk to 529 votes. Today, Sidhu increased his lead by 88 votes. Since election night, Sidhu’s lead hasn’t dipped below 500 votes.

Stay tuned…


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