CD46: Correa Runs Against Trump

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is in Orange County today for a rally at the Anaheim Convention Center (following socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders by a day at the same location). Trump is, if nothing else a very polarizing figure who elicits powerful feelings of support or opposition within both major parties.

Here is Orange County, Democrat and former county Supervisor/Assemblyman/state Senator Lou Correa and his allies are trying to harness the dynamics of anti-Trump emotions among Latino voters in the 46th Congressional District. This mail piece from the Latino Victory Fund plays the race card hard with this mailer featuring a photo of a snarling Trump and the words “RACISM, BIGOTRY, HATRED” running like a ticker behind him, and promising Latinos that Correa will stand with them “against” Trump:












It’s an intriguing dichotomy: the Latino Victory Fund denounces Trump as a practitioner of racial politics and its response is to engage in racial politics.

Here’s an interesting bi-lingual mailer from the Lou Correa campaign itself:






It’s interesting not so much for the content – although here the campaign includes a shot at Trump – but due to whom it was sent. The recipient is a high-propensity Latina with an Anglo last name – and is also a life-long Republican. In fact, there isn’t a single Democrat in the household. Which calls into question why the Correa campaign would send a mailer highlighting his Democrat Party affiliation and attacking the presumptive GOP nominee as a racist and bigot? Another CD46 voter who received this mailer is a white male high-propensity Republican voter.  Yes, there are a lot of Republicans who agree with that assessment and are unenthusiastic about the top of the ticket – but there are also a lot of Republicans whose support borders on adulatory. One has to wonder how many other instances of this kind of mis-targeting occurred with this mail piece, the net effect of which is to cost the moderate Correa Republicans votes he might otherwise pick up.


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