CD46: Correa Keeps Hitting Dunn; Gets All The Independent Expenditures

46th Congressional District front runner Lou Correa continues hitting former state Senator Joe Dunn in the mail over his controversial tenure as executive director of the California Bar Association:












As OC Daily has noted in earlier stories, the Dunn campaign began its voter communication effort with a series of broadsides against Correa, a former county Supervisor, state Assemblyman and state Senator, accusing him of being in the pocket of corporate polluters and indifferent to financial obstacles to finishing college.

Correa has been hitting back hard with a series of mailer hammering Dunn for his scandal-shrouded dismissal from the California Bar Association. Both men are Democrats; Correa is generally seen as pro-business while Dunn is a more strident progressive. Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen’s campaign hasn’t shown much life, even though he has raised more than $150,000 and still had nearly $72,000 cash-on-hand.

Correa Getting All The Independent Expenditure Love
According to the Federal Election Commission, independent expenditure committees have spent $595,130 on the CD46 campaign…and 100% of it has been supporting Lou Correa’s candidacy. That’s more than the $399,851 Correa has raised for his own campaign.

The Latino Victory Fund has spent $59,960 on pro-Correa phone banking and direct mail; the National Association of REALTORS Congressional Fund has expended $535,439 for Correa: $29,100 on polling, $204,659 on direct mail and $300,000 on cable ads.


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