CD46: Lou Correa Continues Hitting Joe Dunn Over Honesty Issues

The primary election is just days away, and campaign mail has pretty much all been printed and mailed. The contest for the open and safely Democratic 46th Congressional District has been one of the most expensive, hardest fought and heavily mailed. Since there are no congressional term limits, this seat represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for an Orange County Democrat to serve in Congress. The current incumbent, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, has held the seat since 1996.

The main fighting has been between two Dempocrats:  former counter supervisor and state legislator Lou Correa and former state Senator Joe Dunn. On the ideological spectrum, Correa is considered a business-friendly centrist while Dunn is a left-of-center progressive. The two have been exchanging negative mailers for the last couple of weeks, the most recent being this hit by Correa against Dunn:















Correa’s consultant on this race is Los Angeles-based John Shallman, which raises an interesting historical footnote: Shallman was Sanchez’s consultant in 1996 when she upset GOP Rep. Bob Dornan – the last time this seat changed hands.


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