Bully Boyd: OC School Board Member Continues Threats Against Opponent’s Husband

Orange County Board of Education member David Boyd has distributed another e-mail in which he again threatens to attack the husband of his election opponent, Mari Barke.

On January 31 of this year, Boyd e-mailed Barke threatening to organize pickets in front the medical offices of her physician husband, Jeff Barke, saying”

“…it’s only fair to warn you that if you, directly or indirectly, attack members of my family, my employer or its employees you can expect that we will respond in kind.”

As a start this could mean protesters/picketers at your place of business in Newport Beach.  I hope it won’t come to that but the decision is yours.”

Boyd has not responded to multiple interview requests to ascertain what, if any, evidence he has of attacks on his family, business or employees. A County of Orange official who was included on that e-mail’s distribution denounced Boyd’s threats as “unethical” and “beyond despicable.”

Two weeks later, Boyd e-mailed his Board colleague Linda Lindholm (who is not seeking re-election this year) in which he threatened to use the expert testimony Dr. Jeff Barke gave in 2005 as to the mental condition of Gregory Haidl when the later was on trial for rape.  The judge asked Barke, as Haidl’s physician, to testify regarding his condition and whether or not he should be kept in jail while awaiting trial. Barke testified that Haidl was suicidal and it would be better if he were put into a mental hospital while awaiting trial.

In his e-mail to Lindholm, Boyd re-iterates his belief that Mari Barke is orchestrating attacks against him and his family, and makes it clear he will use Jeff Barke’s 13-year testimony to smear both Barkes.  Boyd clearly intended for the e-mail to reach Barke: a few minutes after e-mailing Lindholm – who has endorsed Mari Barke – Boyd forwarded the e-mail to a blind list-serv, identifying himself as a trustee of the OC Board of Education:

From: boyd@taftu.edu” <boyd@taftu.edu>
Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 4:26 PM
To: boyd@taftu.edu” <boyd@taftu.edu>
Subject: FW: Your Friends Bucher and the Barke’s


David L. Boyd

Chancellor, The Taft University System

Trustee, Orange County Board of Education


From: David Boyd [mailto:boyd@taftu.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 4:05 PM
To: Linda Lindholm
Subject: Your Friends Bucher and the Barke’s


Well, you were clearly right when you said last month this would be a dirty campaign.  Your friends have started at the sewer.  Attacking my business and my family.  

The attached is a hit piece was prepared by Bucher and/or his surrogates and then sent to a faux Fox News reporter claiming to write a story about Taft.  She has continued to make harassing calls to the leadership of Taft’s accrediting agency and the Department of Education for over a week.  (Bucher seemed surprised when I said the reporter was easily traced back to OC Republican leadership.  It took all of ten minutes.)  

And note that the file name doesn’t say “Taft report”, it says “Boyd –report.”  Apparently the reporter didn’t realize she wasn’t supposed to give a copy of the report to the accrediting body.  Once she discovered she blew it and I had a copy, she threatened to write a negative story on the accrediting body.

After I contacted the reporter and offered to meet with her and go over each item (and quickly found she had no interest in the facts) I received a telephone call at my home saying “Drop out of the race and your problems will be over.”  

Well, not only will I not be dropping out but I’ve doubled the amount of resources I will contributing to the race.  I made it clear to the Barke’s and Bucher that they will set the tone.  Attack my family and business and they could expect the same.

What is they say about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?  

But Barke, for a fee, will become a mental health expert…

Barke was the doctor who petitioned the court to release gang rapist Gregory Haidl from jail because the poor guy was “clinically depressed.”  “The kid needs love,” testified Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, co-owner of Newport Medical Consultants. “He needs TLC . . . and they’re not giving him that in jail.”

Wonder if your friend Barke had an opinion on the mental health of Haidl’s victim, a teenage girl who was seduced, manipulated, and given drugs and alcohol before passing out and being assaulted numerous times as she lay motionless on a pool table?  Haidl’s wealthy father, Don was handpicked by corrupt OC Sheriff Mike Carona, to head the department’s reserve program.  Don Haidl later appointed Barke as a reserve sheriff.

It’s not a road I want to go down, but unfairly attack my business and his medical practice will be attacked.  Attack my family and his family will be attacked.


Boyd’s falsely accuses Dr. Jeff Barke of seeking to have a rapist released from jail. In fact, Barke did not ask the judge to release Haidl, but gave his opinion that Haidl would more appropriately be housed in a mental facility while awaiting trial.

Boyd also impugns Dr. Jeff Barke’s reputation by implying his expert medical opinion is for sale. Boyd’s charge is ironic given the scrutiny to which the State Bar of California has subjected the online law school Boyd operates, specifically regarding the school’s grading policy – which appeared to promote failing students, allowing those students to qualify for lucrative federal student loans.

A senior State Bar official went to so far as to tell the Taft Law School dean in a January 14, 2016 e-mail:  “Finally and very candidly, I cannot ignore the fact that apparently, a motivating factor in the use of these two policies is expressly tied to maintain a student’s eligibility” for federal student loans.

“Sexist and Neanderthal”
Boyd’s pattern of bullying Mari Barke by threatening her husband provoked criticism from businesswoman Carolyn Ben, chairwoman of the Lincoln Women’s Leadership Committee, a project of the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

As an Orange County Board of Education trustee, David Boyd’s has a responsibility to combat bullying in Orange County schools, yet here he is, a grown man, behaving like a teenage bully.”

Ben also noted the contempt implicit in Boyd attempting to intimidate Ms. Barke by going after her husband

“How incredibly sexist, in 2018, that he tries to bully Mari Barke by threatening to go after her husband – as if she is simply an extension of her husband instead of an activist and a business person in her own right,” said Ben. “First, he threatens Mari that he’ll organize a boycott of Jeff Barke’s medical clinic, and then he dredges up an old controversy that had nothing to do with either one of them.”

“It’s creepy and Neanderthal.”


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