Biggest Voter Getters In OC This November? Anti-Tax Ballot Measures.

The biggest vote-getters on the ballot in Orange County this November were two city ballot measures designed to make it more difficult to impose new or higher taxes: Measure U in Anaheim and Measure MM in Newport Beach.

City councils in general law cities must meet a super-majority threshold in order to place tax measures on the ballot for voter consideration. However, due to a quirk in state law, only a simply majority vote by the council is required in charter cities.  The ballot measures were proposed in order to raise that council vote threshold in the charter cities of Anaheim and Newport Beach for new taxes from a simple majority to a super-majority.

Measure U, the “Anaheim Taxpayer Protection Act,” was sponsored by Councilwoman Kris Murray and placed on the ballot on a 4-1 vote of the council, with Mayor Tom Tait voting against it. hen-Councilman Keith Curry was the moving force in Newport Beach behind what became Measure MM.

Both measures passed with more than 80% of the vote:




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