Assemblyman Travis Allen Blasts Kevin De Leon’s “Sanctuary State” Legislation


Assemblyman Travis Allen today denounced Senator Kevin De León’s SB 54, which seeks to turn California into a sanctuary state.

“SB 54 is an illegal and dangerous attempt to silence our law enforcement and endanger our citizens. Kevin De León’s proposed legislation puts California’s families in danger by turning California into a sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants and strips law enforcement of their ability to protect our state.

“Kate Steinle’s tragic murder in 2015 was a direct result of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy. Kevin De León’s SB 54 would put all Californians in the same danger from criminal illegal immigrants.

“Beyond De Leon’s blatant lip service to political correctness and identity politics, SB 54 would direct law enforcement to break federal law and allow criminals in this country to roam free. SB 54 specifically prohibits California’s law enforcement officers from performing their legal duty to comply with federal immigration authorities when dealing with criminals.

“What’s shocking is that opposed to reigning in this dangerous policy to protect California’s families, Kevin De León is pandering to a small minority of Californians who want criminals in our streets. A UC Berkeley poll found that 74% of Californians oppose sanctuary policies, including 65% of Latinos, 70% of independents, 73% of Democrats, and 82% of Republicans.

“There is a huge disconnect on this issue between the California Democrat politicians running the state and the citizens of California. The majority of Californians from every ethnic group and political party clearly understand sanctuary policies for what they are: safe spaces for criminal illegal immigrants.

“Protecting California’s citizens from crime should be our government’s top priority. Kevin De Leon would put our families in danger and render our law enforcement powerless by turning our entire state into a haven for criminal illegal immigrants. SB 54 must be stopped.

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