Antifas and Trump Supporters Mix It Up At Rep. Lou Correa Town Hall

Republican members of Congress aren’t the only ones having their community town hall meetings disrupted by political activists. Last week, shouting, obscenity exchanges and scuffling broke out between left-wing antifas and Trump supporters at Rep. Lou Correa’s immigration town hall meeting in Santa Ana on May 30. Three arrests were made, including of an antifa who struck a Trump supporter in the head with a flagpole. According to video posted by pro-Trump group TheRedElephants, it was the same antifa who had burned a flag at a May Day demonstration in Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles Times posted this account of the fracas.

Here’s more video of the disruptions, antics and general carrying on:

The man in the red MAGA hat is Arthur Shaper, a Republican activist from Torrance who has gained growing notoriety as the self-styled leader of the resistance to The Resistance and creating a stir at Democratic political events in a conservative mirror-image of tactics employed by the progressive group Indivisible.

While the political passions and views of all the donnybrook participants are no doubt sincere, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion they enjoy chaos in an almost recreational way.


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