Trump In Anaheim

The presumptive nominee of the Republican and Democratic parties were in Orange County yesterday; Donald Trump at the Anaheim Convention Center and Hillary Clinton in Buena Park at the United Food and Commercial Workers union hall. Unsurprisingly, it was colorful and controversial Trump who drew the biggest crowds and most attention.

An estimated crowd of 3,000 – more diverse than how the media generally describes the Trump base greeted Trump in the Anaheim Convention Center’s venerable UFO-shaped arena. They began filing in Trump supporters began filing into the arena as early as 9:00 a.m. for the real estate mogul’s scheduled noon appearance – including Los Angeles Rams great Rosie Grier:






A by the time Trump took the podium around 12:30 p.m., there were approximately leftist 150 protesters outside the arena, consisting of the usual collection of “antifas,” pro-illegal immigration activists, social justice warrior-types and some familiar faces from Anaheim City Council meetings such as local anti-police activists and OCCORD Communications Coordinator Joese Hernandez. The anti-Trumpistas made free use of their favorite word, the f-bomb – managing to work the obscenity into virtually every form of expression, whether written, spoken or graphic:







Although signs like these – especially ones containing the f-word — abound at these demonstrations. Yet, you will rarely see photos of them in the Orange County Register and other news outlets. Mainstream media outlets like publishing photos of police riot lines and protesters shouting at each other, but they avoid publishing photos that present readers with the left-wing and anarchist causes for which these protesters engage in civil disturbances.

And of course, there were the obligatory Mexican flags:









According to news reports, the protesters continued their antics into the evening as the multi-jurisdictional police force on the scene was bolstered by the arrival of reinforcements from more Orange County police agencies. Law enforcement declared the protest an unlawful assembly and systematically moved the protesters down Katella Avenue and away from the Resort District until their enthusiasm for disturbing the peace and dribbled back to their homes.

This writer has covered a number of these protests. One of the things that stands out about them is the protesters are overwhelmingly young males, and they are enjoying themselves. The Voice of OC article on yesterday’s events was headlined “A Day Of Rage As Trump Comes Back To Town.”  Are there protesters full of ideological anger over what they believe to be an unjust society? Sure. But there are also an awful lot of young people laughing and smiling as they taunt the police with obscenities and try to provoke the officers into lashing out while their cel phone cameras are rolling. The reality is these protester like creating chaos. Try getting within a couple inches of a police officer’s face and screaming obscenities at him or her, on an ordinary day. You’d be probably be arrested. However, restraint is the order of the day for police at these protests, allowing bandana-masked antifas and would-be revolutionaries to hurl abuse at the police with little fear of consequences. The opportunity to behave like a hooligan mere feet from the police with little fear of consequences is an attractive proposition to a certain segment of the youth population.







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