Anaheim Elementary Schools Superintendent To Become Vista Schools Chief

Anaheim Elementary School District Superintendent Linda Kimble is leaving to become superintendent of the Vista Unified School District in north San Diego County.

Vista Unified announced on November 8 that Kimble “had been named superintendent” of the district, which has 29 schools serving 22,000 students.

The announcement stated the VUSD Board of Education was “expected to approve the appointment at its next meeting” – which would have been November 14. While that didn’t come to pass, her appointment is on the Board’s agenda for December 7.

Kimble has been superintendent of AESD – one of the lowest performing school district’s in the county – since 2012. In recent years, she has faithfully and ruthlessly carried out the AESD Board of Education’s war on the Palm Lane Elementary School parents’ who have spent the last three years fighting to convert their school into an independent public charter school. During Kimble’s tenure, the district has systematically sought to undermine those parents’ effort to exercise their rights under the state Parent Empowerment Law – including the expenditure of nearly $1 million on futile litigation against their parents’ charter conversion efforts.

In an e-mail to AESD staff on Saturday, December 2, Kimble downplayed what Vista Unified presents as a done deal:

Progressive Political Indoctrination
More recently, Kimble hired a left-wing identity politics advocacy group – Asian Americans Advancing Justice – to provide senior district staff with cultural sensitivity training. Illustrative of this group’s ideology are Twitter posts equating Thanksgiving Day with celebrating genocide, and making the Texas church massacre about “White Men” and “their access to weapons of mass slaughter.” Anyone want to guess what kind of cultural sensitivity training this group imparts?

It’s unclear when Kimble will start her new job. Six days after the VUSD Board of Education presumably confirms her appointment, the AESD Board of Education votes on the Palm Lane Elementary parents’ choice of charter school operator. If Superintendent Kimble is still on the job on December 13, we shall see if she and the AESD Board members will continue waging war on those parents, or if they’ll decide to respect them and approve their choice.


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