Anaheim: District 3 Candidate Jose Moreno Requested “Probation Rather Than Jail Time” for Man Convicted In Domestic Violence Case

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In widely publicized criminal case prosecuted in March of this year, Ignacio Ramirez of Long Beach was convicted of violating civil and criminal restraining orders taken out by his now ex-wife Mauri to protect herself and their children from the severe physical, mental and emotional abuse to which he had subjected them for years.

Judge Halim Dhanidina gave Ramirez the maximum sentence: four-and-half years in LA County jail. Mauri Ramirez was also granted a 10-year criminal restraining order against Ignacio, in addition to a civil restraining order; when her ex-husband is released from jail, he will be subject to a lifetime restraining order to stay away from Mauri and their children. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reported:

“The defendant has a history of violence against his wife and disregarding court orders issued to protect her,” Haubert said. “In this case, the only way to protect the victim and the public is to sentence the defendant to jail.”

Ramirez likely will not serve the entire sentence behind bars, the prosecutor’s office said. The judge ordered one charge to be served concurrently, so the maximum Ramirez could serve is two and a half years. Due to county early release policies, he could be released before the end of this year.

The day before sentencing, the court received a letter asking that Ramirez but given no jail time but merely probation. The author of the letter: Anaheim City Council candidate Jose F. Moreno. Moreno is a member of the “Tait Slate” of council candidates.

Moreno is married to Ignacio Ramirez’s sister, Lorena. The city council candidate told the judge that “what Ignacio needs, above all else, is a compassionate and supportive environment as he continues to cope with a difficult divorce and limited access to his children.”

Moreno’s made this extraordinary request for giving Ignacio Ramirez a slap on the wrist stands despite the horrifying chronicle of domestic violence contained in 29 police reports, numerous civil and criminal restraining orders and the trial record.



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