Anaheim Council Candidate Wants City To Fund Interest-Free Home Loans

Jose F. Moreno, the Chicano Studies professor running for Anaheim City Council in District 3, wants to use transient occupancy tax (TOT) revenue from 4-Diamond hotels to fund new entitlement programs for District 3 residents.

Speaking at last week’s marathon City Council meeting at which the council approved tax rebate incentives for three new 4-Diamond properties, the progressive Democrat said he wanted to divert TOT revenues to give District 3 home buyers interest-free loans and high school students college tuition money:

“Here are some things we can do with $560 million in the most impoverished district in the city of Anaheim, District 3. Every Anaheim high school graduate could receive a $20,000 scholarship to go to college for the next twenty years, with this money. We could give 14,000 first time home buyers, many of the workers, many of the workers – you can buy a home, like they’re doing in Santa Ana – we can give them a $40,000 down payment with zero interest to buy a home. Fourteen thousand first time home buyers. Many of our workers.”

It’s ironic that Moreno’s response to the Hotel Incentive Policy is to propose creation of to massive entitlement programs.

Is this government largess limited to District 3 residents, or available to all Anaheim residents?

Does Moreno propose any criteria for his scholarship plan? Does every high school student get a $20,000 scholarship, regardless of academic accomplishment or financial need?

Can any first-time home buyer get a $40,000 interest-free loan, regardless of their credit history or ability to pay?

Will there be minimum residency period requirement? Or will people be able to sign up for these programs the moment they become Anaheim residents? How does Moreno propose the city respond when people begin moving to Anaheim for the express purpose of taking advantage of these entitlement programs?

This is not Moreno’s first idea venture into creating a municipal welfare state in Anaheim. During his 2014 council run, he proposed creation of a city-funded child care for low-income residents. The staunch Bernie Sanders supporter doubtless would have shared more ideas for city-funded entitlement programs if he’d had more time at the podium.

This is vote buying in its purest form. Promising something for nothing using other people’s money, and enticing people into become clients of the government.


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