AD68: The Mail Flood Continues

If political mailers were fresh water, the campaign contest in Assembly District 68 could end the drought. The combined output from the campaigns of Harry Sidhu, Steven Choi, Alexia Deligianni and Deborah manifested itself as a flood of mailers in voter mail boxes.

130,826 vote-by-mail ballots started landing in AD68 earlier this week. This is what the candidates have been telling the voters.

This is former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu’s third try for higher officer, following unsuccessful campaigns for state Senate in 2008 and the 4th Supervisor District in 2010. His campaign is producing the highest volume of voter communication, both positive and negative. He’s “tough” enough:







…a “strong conservative voice”:














The Sidhu campaign isn’t sparing its opponents. Last week, it popped former Villa Park Coucnilwoman Deborah Pauly on her September 2015 drunk driving arrest. During the past week, it took a central theme Irvine Mayor Steven Choi’s candidacy — the audit of the Great Park scandal — and inverted it into a hit piece. That was followed by a second hit piece seeking to link Choi to birth tourism and anchor babies:









Very thin.

Choi, for his part, continues attacking the disease of political correctness as an “excuse to ignore our traditional values”:









…and touting himself as a small businessman who will root out fraud and abuse:








Deborah Pauly has mustered her meager campaign funds for the most red-white-and-blue campaign mailer since Phil Liberatore’s campaign for CD8 in 2012:




















If it were just the front and back pages, it would be a pretty good piece – the bullet points on the back page strike a nerve with the current temper of the electorate. Campaigns with anemic warchests are prone to sacrificing message discipline and brevity for verbosity. But will many voters wade through the dense copy sandwiched in between? More is not always better.

Also appearing in mailboxes this week was a mailer from the other Republican woman candidate in the AD68 race: Alexia Deligianni-Brydges, a member of the Orange Unified School District Board of Trustees. Her campaign appears to have surrendered to the same temptation — this mailer is more of a booklet:
























Plowing through this tome would require a voter to open a beer and order appetizers. It’s asking a lot of busy voters who are already being flooded with mail to sit down and read an 8-page campaign booklet.

More to come…


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