4th Supervisor District: Union Candidate Joe Kerr Switches Voter Registration From Coto de Caza to Brea

When former Orange County firefighters union president Joe Kerr announced he was running for the 4th Supervisor District – despite living in Coto de Caza the 5th Supervisor District – it was rumored he would be re-registering to vote in Brea.

That, as it turns out, is the case. Kerr, who had been registered to vote at his Coto de Caza address since 2000, had re-registered in Brea on January 30, 2017. Kerr officially announced his candidacy on March 20.

Kerr’s wife and 80-year old father are still resgistered to vote at his Coto de Caza home.

Will Kerr’s disputed residency be a factor in the election? The lower the office, the more residency tends to matter. Voters generally insist their councilmembers live in the city, but give a little more lassitude when it comes to supervisor elections. That said, Coto de Caza is a long way from the 4th Supervisor District. The last time a candidate attempted to run for an Orange County supervisor seat in which they clearly did not live – Villa Park homeowner Tom Umberg’s campaign for the 1st Supervisor District  —  it didn’t end well.

Kerr will be the standard-bearer of Democratic government unionism – which hasn’t amassed a very good track record in 4th Supervisor District elections.



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