1st Supervisor District: Andrew Do Wins By More Than 600 Votes

All known 1st Supervisor District ballots have been counted and Supervisor Andrew Do has won re-election, staving off a surprisingly stiff challenge by Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez:

The race has tightened up during the last several days, but Do has emerged victorious – the fruit of campaigning on over-drive, raising a lot of money, operating an excellent ground game and staying ahead of the issues. It seemed as though the Martinez game plan was to surf higher Latino and Democratic turn-out into office – which proved insufficient.

It’s worth noting Supervisor Do outperformed Trump by 23 points or so. He won in the supervisor district with the worst Republican registration during the worst cycle for Orange County Republicans since 1936.

The results strongly indicate Do would very likely have won in the June primary outright were it not for the wasteful, expensive and ultimately fruitless candidacy of Garden Grove Councilman Phat Bui. Furthermore, forcing Do into a November run-off siphoned off resources that should have been available to support Ling Ling Chang and Young Kim.  There’s a reason the slogan of the OC GOP back in its hey-day was “Victory Through Unity.


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