Voice of OC Mistaken On Funding Source of Mysterious Anti-Andrew Do Independent Expenditure

The Voice of OC published a story earlier today on Supervisor Andrew Do leading the 1st Supervisor District following a sort of class consciousness angle that Do is getting maximum contributions from lots of people while his opponents are getting little contributions from a few people. [Having few contributors is usually symptomatic of anemic public support, but be that as it may.]

Tacked on to the end of this story is this tidbit:


OC Daily reported on this independent expenditure yesterday, and there are several serious errors in this account.

First, the contributions from Roger Faubel and Lyle Overby’s committee were not part of this independent expenditure, and the California Future Fund PAC did not “report spending the money on mailers opposing Do.” While they had made donations to that committee in August of 2015, the California Future Fund PAC year-end disclosure for 2015 shows those donations were also spent in 2015 on a totally unrelated campaign. The same campaign disclosure plainly shows the committee had only $79 in the bank at the end of 2015:

Source: California Future Fund PAC Form 460 for July-December 2015.

In other words, the Faubel and Overby-controlled donations could not have been spent hitting Do.

The $14,000 in funding for the reported late independent expenditure is entirely new money – and as the PAC’s treasurer told OC Daily, the source(s) of the funds will not be disclosed until the committee’s semi-annual campaign disclosure is filed at the end of July.

Also, Faubel confirmed with OC Daily that he has not been a county contractor since 2014. His firm used to have a county contract for stormwater public outreach, but Faubel sold that part of his business in 2013.

Two experienced county lobbyists would have no interest and zero to gain by hitting a sitting county supervisor who is a prohibitive favorite for re-election – a consideration that ought to have raised a red flag before it was reported that they had done so.


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